Private Chef and Catering Service;  Fumi is also available to serve as a private chef for those who are not interested in sponsoring cooking parties but who wish to serve a high quality authentic Japanese meal for themselves and their families. She is also available for catering services ideally suited to small or medium-sized events (wedding rehearsal dinners, business luncheons and dinners, family reunions, and more).


Private Chef Service:
Pricing for Fumiís personal chef service start at $300./week based on a five day week (four people).

Catered Events (minimum ten people):
Catered event pricing is variable since each client normally has different preferences regarding the specifics of their events. Nonetheless, we can give you the following price ranges as a general guideline (all prices are per person):

Luncheons: $18.00 - $30.00

Dinner (Parties): $25.00 - $60.00

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: $35.00 - $85.00

Other arrangements are possible depending upon event budget and client preferences.

Consultation Fee:
Fumi charges a consultation fee of $30.00 per hour (for all site visits, etc). Fumi also charges an 18% service/administration fee on all events with service.

Service Fees:
Depending upon the size (and requirements) of the event, there may be a $25.00 an hour for additional servers.

Fumi is happy to arrange rentals for her clients. She has daily correspondence with rental companies, and is best able to arrange a most enjoyable day for you, if she has control of booking rentals from the start of planning.

Prices are subject to change.