Fumi Nagasaski-Pracel is offering private cooking parties customized to occur in your home or other place of your choice. Under Fumiís experienced and friendly guidance you and your friends will have a genuinely unique and interesting experience cooking and enjoying a delicious Japanese meal. Possible menus may include sushi, yakitori, shogayaki, teriyaki, katsu, udon or soba noodles and much more..
How it works
Fumi will come to your place for a brief visit to meet with you, determine food preferences for members of your family (or friends), and to familiarize herself with your kitchen.
A proposed menu will be developed after the meeting. You will pick from a list of agreed upon appetizers, salads, and entrees. On the cooking day, Fumi will buy groceries and arrive at your place approximately 30 minutes before the class. In addition to groceries, Fumi will bring her own cooking equipment and supplies. This means that there is no need to worry about cleaning your kitchen or the utensils, since this is completely taken care of by Fumi.

Typically Fumi will shop in local grocery stores.
On request she can supply ingredients from organic stores.

A complete private dinner including cooking lessons with Fumi costs $30 per person for a minimum of four people. Some specialty menu items or very large private parties may result in an additional fee, but each menu is agreed upon before the night of the dinner party. The cooking class may include up to six individuals and you may invite up to 10 people for the meal.
Cost of groceries is not included.