Fumi  will come to your home and prepare traditional or contemporary Japanese dishes for your family and friends (2 to 6 people). Her service includes planning, all grocery shopping and preparation, serving and clean up.
You will have a variety of great meals awaiting you, and a wonderfully smelling home at the end of the day. Only the finest vegetables,freshest fish, top quality meats and ingredients will be used.

How it works
Fumi will come to your house for a brief visit to meet you, determine food preferences for members of your family or friends, and familiarize herself with your kitchen. A proposed menu will be developed after the meeting. You will pick from a list of agreed upon appetizers, salads, and entrees.
On the cooking day, Fumi will buy groceries and arrive at your house about three hours before dinner time and will prepare the meal. She will serve it for you and your guests at the agreed time.
In addition to groceries, Fumi will bring her own cooking equipment and supplies. This means that there is no need to worry about cleaning your kitchen or the utensils, since this is completely taken care of by Fumi.

Typically Fumi will shop in local grocery stores.
On request she can supply ingredients from organic stores.

Fumiís services are flexible depending upon a number of variables including complexity, number of guests, budget, etc. Cost of typical meal starts at $30/hour plus cost of groceries. Typically, It takes about one hour for shopping and two to three hours for meal preparation. Fumi will be happy to provide you with a customized price quote based on your specific needs and circumstances. For example, on occasion Fumi employs the services of an assistant for larger and more complex events which could involve an additional fee.